1. What you will see when you Login

1.1 If you linked only one PPC account, your default screen will be the account's Dashboard

A detailed overview of the account Dashboard.

1.2 If you linked an MCC, you will see a summary of some of the analysis already done on all linked accounts

The accounts summary shows you a count of daily test winners as well as general account issues that require your attention. The columns are all sortable to help you prioritize your efforts.

1) This shows how many of your ads Adalysis is able to test or not test. An ad can be tested automatically by Adalysis if there are at least 2 active ones in an adgroup.  Ads that are not tested are ones that exist in adgroups with only one active ad.  This data is updated daily.

2) This shows the monthly spend of ads in #1 above.  This breakdown gives you an idea how much of your budget is being wasted due to lack of testing. This data is updated daily.

3) The impression-weighed quality score of this account.

4) Details of single-adgroup test results and multi-adgroup test results found in the latest test run (updated daily).

5) Details of any issues affecting your ads.

6) Details of any issues affecting your regular or negative keywords.

7) Details of any landing pages issues.

Click on any of your PPC accounts to view it Dashboard (shown below).

2. The Account Dashboard

The Dashboard screen presents a summary of your account's performance and issues, with links to other screens where more information can be seen. 

Tip:  You will find more information and tutorials about all features by hovering over the 'information' icons available:  


2.1 "Issues that require your attention" section

This section shows any issues that might be affecting your ads, keywords or URLs.  An example is shown below.  

2.2 "Ad Testing" section in the Dashboard

This part of the Dashboard screen shows the following: 

1) Number of winners of the latest daily single-adgroup tests which ran on all your ads. Tests run for 6 metrics by default.

2) The total performance boost for each metric if all the loser ads in that metric are paused.  In the below example, if all 18 CTR loser ads are paused, you can potentially get 2,566 more clicks and 163 more conversions over the next 30 days.

3) How many of your ads/adgroups can be tested (i.e. there are at least 2 active ads in an adgroup).

To learn more, please check the single-adgroup testing guide.

2.3 "Quality Score Analysis" section in the Dashboard

The dashboard displays a snapshot of a weekly comprehensive analysis done on your quality score.  For an in-depth explanation of this data, please check the Quality Score Analysis guide.


2.4 "Ad Extensions Analysis" section in the Dashboard

This shows a breakdown of how your campaigns use ad extensions, together with their monthly spend, to help you quickly identify campaigns that will benefit from adding ad extensions to them.

For individual campaigns, please click on the expandable link.