Adalysis provides powerful filtering functionality in various screens to allow you to perform tedious tasks that are not easy to perform in Adwords/BingAds.

Below are examples of how some filters can be used.

1. Adgroup Filtering

The currently available adgroup filters can be found as shown below:


This filter allows you to find adgroups that need fixing for ad testing purposes.


This filter can be used to find adgroups that contain or don't contain one or more types of ads.  You can then use the bulk ad manipulation tools on these adgroups to ensure they have the right ad types.


This will help identify adgroups with too few or too many ads.


You can find adgroups based on the ad text used or not used within.

Adalysis calculates an impression weighed quality score (between 1.0 to 10.0) for every adgroup.   You can zoom into the adgroups within a range of quality score to help you focus your efforts on areas of most need.


2. Ads Filtering

Similarly, ads have filters to help you zoom into where you need to perform any analysis or changes.


3. Keywords Filtering

The keywords filters can help identify quality score ranges for any of the 3 sub-factors. It can also be used to zoom into ones with negative keyword conflicts