1. What are Automated Ad Rules?

Ad Rules allow you to schedule an Ad to be automatically enabled/paused at a specific time in the future.  You can configure an Ad to automatically change status, either once in the future, or daily, weekly or monthly.

This functionality is unique to Adalysis and is not available in Adwords or Bing Ads.


2. How to create an Ad Rule

After selecting the Ad, the rule can be created using the shown menu:

There are four different Ad rule types, the format of which are as follows:

N.B.  All dates and times are in the timezone of the adwords account being used.

3. Are Ad Rules visible in Adwords or BingAds?

Ad rules in Adalysis are implemented using labels.  When you create a new rule, a label gets created (and added to the Ad) with the rule details in it e.g. the label name for an Ad gets enabled weekly each Wednesday will be Enable Weekly on Wednesday at 5am.

Please note, Adalysis supports labels for BingAds (which work exactly the same as in Adwords) but the Bing labels will exist only within Adalysis since BingAds doesn't have labels of its own.

Using labels to configure the Ad rules make it easy to immediately see if and what rules exist for which Ads.

Once an Ad rule is executed, the Adwords label will remain linked to the Ad until you decide to delete the label.

4. How to Remove an Ad Rule

You can delete an Ad rule by either deleting the Adwords label directly, or by selecting the ads and using the following: