Adalysis provides a number of ways to help you migrate your current standard text ads (STAs) to Expanded text ads (ETAs).  

Upgrading to ETAs can be done in a number of ways:

  1. One might choose to target multiple adgroups to create ETAs in to ensure they exist everywhere across a selection of adgroups and hence provide consistency and a quick migration route at scale.  
  2. If specific STAs are required to be migrated, Adalysis allows you to create an ETA version for every STA in a set of ads with a one button click.

In all cases, the creation of ETAs allows you to either provide the full text for the ETA, or choose to automatically copy part of the text from an existing ad.


Upgrade Tool 1 - Choose adgroups to create new ETAs in

Tip: you can use the adgroup filter Ad Type to quickly find adgroups that have or don't have ETAs.

Once you filter or narrow down the list of adgroups you want to create ETAs in, select the adgroups before the ETA Upgrade Tool... button becomes active

The way the ETAs are created is as follows:

  • Every adgroup selected will get one ETA created in it.
  • If you chose to copy part of the ETA text from an existing standard text ad (STA), the adgroup must have at least one enabled and approved STA otherwise no ETA will be created.
  • It is recommended that you preview the ads first before you proceed with the creation to ensure the new ads are as you expect.
  • Path1 of the ETA will be deduced from the STA display URL according to these rules.

Upgrade Tool 2 - Choose standard text ads to upgrade to ETAs

You can also upgrade specific standard text ads (STAs) to ETAs by selecting the STAs in the ads screen and use the ETA upgrade tool available from that screen.

This tool will create one ETA for every STA selected.  You can choose to either provide the full text for the ETA, or to automatically copy part of the text from an existing STA you're selecting.

It works similarly to the first one with the only difference being that you don't need to specify the criteria of choosing which STA in an adgroup to copy from.


How is Path1 of an ETA deduced from a standard text ad during an Ad upgrade?

If the Final URL is not a subdomain e.g., the ETA's Display URL will be generated as follows:

However, if the Final URL is a subdomain e.g., the Display URL will be generated as follows:

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