What is an n-gram? 

An n-gram is a text pattern consisting of one or multiple words that can be found across multiple search terms. Adalysis aggregates the performance of n-grams to help you gain additional insights for improving your performance.

If you have n-grams that spend a lot of money and don’t bring any conversions, you may consider adding them as negative keywords. On the other hand, you can also notice some specific patterns people use in their search queries before converting, in this case, you may want to add some keywords to your existing adgroups to better match user intent and generate more conversions. 

How to analyze n-grams? 

You will be notified of any lost opportunities direct to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can access the n-grams report under Keywords → Search Terms. Note that n-grams reports are available at the campaign level and are also aggregated at the account level, which is especially useful when you have a smaller account and smaller amounts of data to analyze. 

We encourage you to use built-in filters to get a better understanding of your user behaviour. For example, you may quickly find all instances of search terms where a particular word is used. 

If you want to add one or multiple n-gram search terms as negative keywords, just select them and click the button Add as negative keyword. You will then be asked to define a match type and choose whether to add this negative keyword to the campaign or one of the negative keyword lists. 

If you want, you can exclude search terms (for example, your brand name) from the future analysis by hitting Dismiss. You can access all the dismissed terms at any time under the same button.