You can easily edit ads in bulk in Adalysis. For example, if you forgot to add Headline 3, or there is a new brand message, you can easily make these changes.  

You can access this feature under the Ads tab. To activate the tool, select the ads you want to edit - use the built-in or custom filters to quickly find them. 

Now click Edit ads and fill in the necessary fields. Note that if you don’t make changes to some elements, they will be preserved from original ads. For example, if you only add text to the Headline 3 field, only Headline 3 will be changed (or added, if missing) in your selected ads. Don’t forget to preview your new ads. Once you are happy with the results, click Edit. 

If you don’t want to overwrite existing texts but rather create new ones, using the texts from the existing ads, you can use a similar tool Copy and Edit Ads. It will first create copies of your selected ads where you then can make changes.