If you want to make edits in many of your ads at once, you can consider using the Edit feature, as described here. However, if you don’t want to change your existing ads, but rather create new ones that would partially inherit a copy from the existing ads, the Copy and edit feature will come in handy.

Under the Ads tab, select ads you want to edit. You can use the built-in or custom filters to quickly find them. 

Now, click on the Copy & Edit ads button and fill in the necessary fields. If you want your new ads to inherit certain elements from the original ads, leave the corresponding field empty. 

You can decide on special conditions for your current or newly created ads - you can choose to pause the original ads or you can create new ads as paused, to activate them later. Click on Preview changes and if you are happy with the results, hit Copy and Edit to publish your new ads. 

Tip: If you want your new ads to be enabled at a specific time, create them in a Paused state using the Copy and edit ads feature. Then, select your newly created ads and use the Schedule ads tool to enable them when necessary. Read more...