By default, Adalysis uses specific thresholds for defining if an A/B test is statistically significant enough to be brought to your attention, which you can overwrite in your Account Settings. 

Most importantly, Adalysis expects the level of confidence to be at least 80% to consider the test valid and only uses data from the common date range for all ads of each adgroup (i.e., only analyzes a period when all the ads of each ad group were all active, to avoid external factors, such as seasonality, affecting the results). 

However, if you want to run a particular A/B test with different settings, look at different date ranges, or introduce other criteria without overwriting your global settings, you can use Manual Tests

Here, you’ll be able to define your preferred date range and statistical significance level, as well as set the minimum clicks, impressions, or conversions as a necessary condition for running the test.