Multi Adgroup tests aggregate performance data across ads from multiple ad groups, based on text patterns or ad labels they share. You can also create A/B tests for image ads based on labels or image size.

It is a very useful tool for finding new insights such as identifying the best CTA or benefits for each line and description. It is suitable for both smaller accounts where low-volume data should be aggregated to make reliable conclusions, and larger accounts where huge sets of data are analyzed at once. 

From the Multi-Adgroup testing screen, you can instantly run a test for your chosen patterns or labels (under the Run Tests tab). If you then see that the results are not yet statistically significant, you can save the test and have Adalysis run it for you daily - in this case, you will see the results in the Daily results of your defined tests

After you have gained insights, you can make a decision, which ads should be paused, and take action - you can pause loser ads in bulk or replace losing patterns with new ones. All the history of these actions is then stored in Archived test results

See the details of how to configure Multi-Adgroup A/B tests: