In the Adalysis Campaigns section you can:

  1. Check if all campaign settings are adhering to the best practices 
  2. Analyze your PPC performance at the campaign level
  3. See breakdowns by a variety of dimensions 
  4. Create new campaigns from a CSV file 

Campaign Settings 

Adalysis scans the settings of all your campaigns and notifies you if something is not implemented according to the best practices.  You will see the alerts on your Dashboard, under the Campaign tab.

Under Campaigns → Campaign Settings you will be able to see the overview of the most important settings of your campaigns, as well as change them. If something needs to be changed in your campaign configuration, you’ll see the red alert next to the setting that should be changed, whereas green alerts indicate that your campaigns are in good shape. 

Click on the alert to change the setting.

Performance & Insights 

In addition, you can see your campaign performance broken down by Network, Device, and Hour of Week. To see the data, just click on the graph icons in the corresponding columns.

Campaign Builder 

You can create ad groups and ads in your existing campaigns in bulk via a CSV file by uploading it to the Adalysis Campaign Builder tool. If you want to create a campaign from scratch, first create it in your Google Ads interface and then proceed with the CSV and Campaign Builder in Adalysis. Read more…