In the Ads section you can:

Check for issues that could be negatively affecting your results

Adalysis scans for many issues related to your ads and, whenever any of them is found, notifies you on your dashboard. These issues include (click on the relevant link to find out more): 

Set your own filters and alerts to monitor your performance 

In addition to the default alerts available in Adalysis, you can always build your own filters and set your own alerts. In the Ads section, click on the Filters and then the Create filter button. When you set the criteria and hit Apply, the grid below will filter out only relevant ads. 

If you want to save the filter for later usage, enter the name of the filter and click on the button Save.  If you check the Enable future alerts checkbox, you will receive notifications on your dashboard whenever there are new ads meeting your criteria. 

Schedule your ads depending on your best performing time of day 

Ad Scheduling allows you to schedule specific ads (or groups of ads) to be automatically enabled/paused at a specific time in the future.  You can configure an ad to automatically change status, either once in the future, or daily, weekly, or monthly.

This functionality is unique to Adalysis and is not available in Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

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Create ad templates to streamline your ad creation process

Ad templates help you automate creating new ads by quickly re-using common text. In your ad template, you can define one or more elements you’d like to see in your ads - for example, Headline or Description. Now, whenever you will be creating new ads, you will be able to access your ad template and copy the defined elements into multiple ads with a single click of a button. 

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Edit your ads in bulk

There are cases when you have to make the same change across tens or even hundreds of ads, such as adding Headline 3 to ads that currently don’t have it or testing another Headline 2. 

Now you don’t have to edit your ads one by one. Instead, use Bulk edit features available in Adalysis.  

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Upgrade legacy ads to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) 

Although it’s been a while since Google introduced Expanded Text Ads, many PPC advertisers still have outdated legacy ads in their accounts, missing out on the opportunity to get better exposure and tell more about the brand in an ad. With the Adalysis ETA upgrade tool, you can convert hundreds and thousands of text ads to ETAs in seconds.

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Create ads in bulk

Adalysis provides a very flexible and powerful tool that allows you to create one or more ads in multiple adgroups, both Expanded Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads. 

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