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Create your own filters and alerts 

You can easily create custom filters and alerts to specifically track important conditions that are exclusively relevant to your project. For example, you may want to create an alert that will notify you whenever there are keywords with an average CPC above your chosen threshold, to better control your spending.

To create a filter and assign an alert to it, in the Keywords section click on the Filters button. Above the list of built-in filters that by default trigger alerts to your dashboard once corresponding criteria are met (1), you can create your own custom filters by clicking the Create filter option. Your custom filters will appear at the bottom of the list (2).

Here is how you create your own filter. 

  1. In Keywords, click the Filters button and select Create filter…
  2. Set the necessary filter criteria and hit Apply. This will filter out only relevant keywords in the grid below. 
  3. To save this filter at the bottom of the list, click on Save. This will result in opening a new screen where you will be asked to enter a name for the new filter. If you want to receive notifications whenever there are new words found by the filter, check Enable future alerts. In addition, you can select if you want to run this alert for the current account only or apply it to other accounts you may have. 

Tip: You can also change the way the prebuilt filters work. To do it, select a filter and once the settings open, change, or add new criteria. The Apply button will filter the words according to your new settings, and if you want the filter to run in this way in the future, click Save Updated Filter