Not using Headline 3 in Expanded Text Ads is one of the most commonly missed opportunities. While it is not always visible to your users, in many cases it is yet another chance to tell more about your brand, products, or services, whereas occupying more physical space might help you stand out from the competition and bring even more attention to your copy. 

Adalysis will alert you on the dashboard about all the ads that are currently missing Headline 3 (under the Audit Alerts / Ads). Click on the View affected ads button to see these ads. 

N.B. You can always access the same view applying the filter Expanded text ads with a missing headline 3 from the Ads screen:  

Once in the Ads section, you can make changes to each individual ad one by one or you can select some or all of these ads and bulk create Headline 3. You can preview the ads before publishing.

Alternatively, you may create a copy of the selected ads and bulk create Headline 3 in the copied versions. You can then select if you want to pause the original ads, or, instead, you may create the new ads in the Paused state.