Having only one Responsive Search Ad per adgroup is considered best practice, as testing out all the variations created by multiple RSAs in the same adgroup can take an incredible amount of time and hence, spend much more of your budget before the algorithms find the winner. 

If you have adgroups with more than one RSA, Adalysis will alert you on the dashboard (see the Audit Alerts / Ads section). With just one click you can pause all but one responsive ad in each adgroup - if you choose the option Pause down to 1 RSA, Adalysis will leave one RSA with the highest impressions in the last 30 days. 

Alternatively, you can click on the View affected adgroups button in the alert or apply Adgroups with more than one RSA filter from the Adgroup screen to see the relevant adgroups.  

You can then go through the filtered adgroups and decide which of the RSAs you want to leave and which to pause.