The first thing you see when you log in to any of the accounts connected to Adalysis is the Dashboard with your account audit alerts. This is essentially your to-do list featuring all the opportunities and issues we spot while auditing your accounts. We check your data daily, so don’t forget to log in frequently to make sure your accounts are always doing well.

Critical, High priority, and Optimization alerts

All the suggestions we have for you are categorized either as critical, high-priority or optimization alerts. 

  1. Critical alerts are the ones that are stopping your ads from showing. 
  2. High-priority alerts are the ones that have a bigger impact on your account performance and hence need to be resolved soon, such as issues leading to wasted spend, or not leveraging the full potential of your campaigns. 
  3. Optimization alerts will notify you about structural issues, strategic insights, as well as account hygiene and best practice recommendations. 

Once you open any of the alerts and apply the recommendations, they will disappear from the dashboard. 

Snoozing alerts

If for any reason you don’t want to apply a recommendation, or you have already solved it outside the Dashboard (in Adalysis or directly in Google Ads account), you can snooze the alert so it doesn’t show up as an unresolved issue on your Dashboard.

  • Snooze until next update: if you choose this option, the alert will disappear until the next time this audit check is performed in your account. 
  • Snooze until... : choose this option if you know that an issue will be resolved over a longer period of time and you know the date when you want to be reminded to check it again.
  • Disable: this will deactivate an alert forever.  You can re-enable it anytime. 

To un-snooze (re-enable) alerts, go to the list of the snoozed alerts at the bottom of each alerts category. After un-snoozing, the alert will run as usual whenever the next regular audit of your account is performed.