Yes, you can.

Adalysis, by default, analyzes and tests only on active campaigns, adgroups or ads.

If you'd like to override this, you can do so by assigning the Google Ads label AdalysisKeepEnabled (case sensitive) to the paused ad/adgroup/campaign.  When Adalysis sees that label, it will keep the entity enabled within Adalysis only. The status in Google Ads will not be affected.

  • If you temporarily pause a campaign, and you want all the enabled ads in the campaign to be tested, please use this label for the campaign.  When Adalysis sees the campaign label, it treats the campaign as enabled and will continue to test all ads within as usual.
  • The same applies to adgroups i.e. adgroups with this label will be assumed enabled and, hence, the ads within will be tested. 
  • The same applies to ads.