When an adgroup has only one active ad, this adgroup will not be included in the automatic daily testing.  An ad test needs at least 2 active ads before it can compare the ads performance.

Adalysis will check your account daily and alert you whenever it identifies adgroups with only one active ad (you will see the alert under Audit Alerts / Ads tab on your Dashboard).

Clicking on the alert displayed in your dashboard you’ll be able to review the list of adgroups with only one ad.

Option 1 - Create a new Ad in all Adgroups with one Button Click

To learn more about creating ads in bulk using this approach, please check this tool's tutorial

Option 2 - Create a new Ad in each Adgroup individually

You can iterate through each one of those adgroups to see the existing ad, as well as create new ads in these adgroups as shown below: