Set up Looker Studio

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Set up Looker Studio Before You Start

In order to display reports from your Google Ads account, you will need to connect Looker Studio to Google Ads first.

If you prefer a text version, please read the instructions below.

1. Sign up for your free Looker Studio account

Simply visit the Looker Studio product page and click on the Sign Up For Free button.

2. Create the Data Sources You Need

To use the report templates Adalysis provides you, you will then need to create the appropriate data sources as follows:

2.1 Create Google Ads data sources

  • Looker Studio will retrieve your Google Ads data directly from Google Ads and not from Adalysis. 
  • Looker Studio uses a data source to connect to a Google Ads account. 
  • A data source represents one Google Ads account or one MCC.  
  • A data source is configured only once.  It can then be used by multiple future reports.

Please follow the steps below to configure all the data sources you need for all future reports.

Step 1. Go to the Data Source screen and initiate creating the data source.

Step 2. Grant Looker Studio access permission to your Google Ads account

Step 3. Create all the data sources that you will need access to in the future

##  IMPORTANT  ## 

There are 2 types of Google Ads data sources; one type for an individual account, and another type for an MCC account (with one or more individual accounts within).  Adalysis provides reports for both types of data sources. Hence, please set up both types of data sources as described below in 3.1 and 3.2.

3.1 INDIVIDUAL account data source connection

Use this connection when you would like to see a report with data from just one Google Ads account.

For example, in the below, we should create a data source for the "German Timezone" account and another one for "American Timezone", and another for "Discovery Account", etc.

3.2 MCC account data source connection

While Looker Studio can provide MCC-level reports covering multiple accounts within the MCC, it can only show cost-related data (e.g. CPC, Conv. value, etc.) if all the accounts within the MCC use the same currency.  

There are 2 types of MCC data sources you can create:

Single-currency MCC Data Source:  all accounts selected in this data source use the same currency and hence Looker Studio can show cost-related data.  Adalysis will provide you with MCC single-currency reports so please create this data source if applicable.

Multi-currency MCC Data Source: the accounts in this data source use various currencies and hence no cost related data can be shown in the report.  Adalysis will also provide you with MCC multi-currency reports to allow you to monitor accounts with different currencies using one report.

How to go about creating the MCC Data Sources

If all the accounts in your MCC use the same currency, please create a single-currency MCC Data Source.

However, if the accounts in your MCC use different currencies, then please do the following:

  • If you do not want to see cost-related data, please create one multi-currency data source. (Tip: name your data source with an easy to recognize name e.g. MCC-<MCCName>-MultiCurrency)
  • If you want to see cost-related data in your MCC report, you will need to create a single-currency MCC data source. You can create one single-currency data source for each currency you have.


2.2 Create Google Analytics data sources

2.3 Create Bing Ads data sources

2.4 Create Facebook data sources

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