We believe Data Studio will revolutionize the PPC reporting industry due to its flexibility compared to many other reporting tools.

As of Feb 2017, Google has made Data Studio a free product, hence removing any barriers there are to building interactive and professionally looking reports. The only cost involved is the initial time it takes to build the reports and hence why Adalysis is attempting to make your account management efforts easier by providing you with suitable reports.

Data studio has many advantages over other reporting solutions. Some of which are:

  1. The reports are interactive and hence provide various ways of gaining a deep insight into the data without the need for lengthy or cluttered reports.
  2. It's easy to create a wide variety of professionally looking and powerful charts.
  3. All the data is stored and shared in Google's cloud, hence doing away with hard to track filing systems structures.
  4. Being free to use will quickly make it a much more popular reporting tool and will most likely gain wide adoption like many other Google products. We expect to see a lot of innovation in this area making it easy for someone who already uses Data Studio to take advantage of other solutions built on Data Studio.
  5. Its online collaboration and change management capability make it easy to update reports without the need to resend them. This greatly reduces your overhead managing various versions, scheduling, etc. and make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues.
  6. It integrates with a growing number of data sources hence providing a consistent platform for reporting from multiple sources. There are also third party technologies that can help integrate Data Studio with data sources that are not supported yet.