Multi-adgroup testing using Image ads labels or Image size

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug, 2023 at 4:57 PM

When you should run tests using Image Ad Labels or Image Size?

Multi-adgroup testing using Image Ads Labels or Image Size is specifically designed for testing your image ads in Google Display campaigns. It allows you to get insights on which creative or which ad size performs better in terms of your main metrics and take action. 

How are the tests set up?  

There are two ways of setting the tests. First, you can run the tests and instantly see the results. Second, you can save them for running daily - this comes useful when, for example, you are not satisfied with the statistical significance you see after running the first type of test. 

Run the tests instantly 

  1. Click on the Find current winners button
  2. Select campaigns (and optionally specific adgroup labels and ad types) as well as the date range for this test.  A common date range means Adalysis will choose a date range during which all ads within all sets were active.
  3. Specify the ad labels you want to use for comparing your ad performance. You can also exclude ads with certain labels by selecting them in the Label contains none column. 
  4. Select the banner sizes you want to compare. You can use only labels, or only sizes for running a test, or use both at the same time. 
  5. Click on the Find current winners button to run this test.  
  6.  If this is a test you want Adalysis to run for you daily (e.g., when the statistical significance is not yet reached), click the Save & run this test daily button to save this test definition in the Daily results of your defined tests screen.

Run the tests daily 

If you save a test and run it daily, we’ll notify you on your Adalysis dashboard once the statistical significance is reached. You can save your test as described above or from the Daily results of your defined tests tab.

Understanding the test result data


You will see the test results along with their confidence level in the grid. Once you open the test result details, you will see the aggregate performance of each label/size (over date range used) and the confidence the algorithm has in each of the metrics.  

You will also see the performance boost figures which are projected based on all ads with the losing label(s) getting paused

Taking action

After viewing individual test results, you will be able to bulk pause the losing ones with a single click. 

Once you pause the ads, the test is marked as archived and you can always find it under the Archived test results tab. 

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