Convert ETAs to RSAs

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 04:38 PM

As Responsive Search Ads are to become the default ad type in Google Ads in June 2022, many advertisers are currently facing the challenge of creating RSAs in large numbers of ad groups. 

Adalysis offers easy and intuitive tools that allow you to create RSAs in bulk using the assets of your existing and time-proven ETAs. 

1 - Create an RSA from an individual ETA

In the Ads menu, locate the ETA from which you want to create an RSA, and use the menu in the upper right corner. 

The draft of the new RSA will open with headlines and descriptions populated from your ETA. You can pin assets, and edit or add new headlines and descriptions before you save your new RSA (see 1 in the image below). Clicking on the icon folder next to any of the assets (2), you can access all assets used in this ad group and in your entire account to quickly give you ideas of appealing copy for the ad. 

2 - Create an RSA for each selected ETA 

In the Ads screen, select the ETAs from which you want to create RSAs (you can also filter the ads by ad type, campaign, ad group, and other criteria to quickly find the necessary ads). 

Use the tool Tools  Create RSAs from ETAs.

You can now choose between the 2options of how to approach creating new RSAs: 

1) Pin all assets to the same positions they occupied in ETAs, i.e. create an exact copy of the ETA. 

2) Not use any pinning at all. 

If you select both of these options, 2 RSA will be created per each ETA with identical assets, one fully pinned and one unpinned. By assigning labels to each of these ads, you will later be able to compare their performance and test whether full pinning works for you.

3 - Create RSAs in adgroups using assets from ETAs within

The above features help you create an RSA from one ETA. If you instead want to use assets from multiple ETAs in an adgroup to populate a new RSA in that adgroup, you can use this tool under the Adgroups tab.

Select the adgroups you want to create RSAs in and use Tools   Create ads → Create RSA ads from ETA ads

1. Confirm creating RSAs in adgroups where there already is at least 1 RSA, as well as in paused adgroups.

2. Select the criteria to identify the ETAs to inherit assets from.

3. Specify how many headlines and descriptions you want to inherit. You can also add new headlines and descriptions.

4. Specify how you want to handle pinning - pin all assets so that RSAs are an exact copy of respective ETA, or not use pinning at all. You can also use both options at the same time.

5. You can preview the ads before you proceed with creating your RSAs. 


Since there is a limit of 3 active RSAs per adgroup, you can first identify which adgroups haven't reached this limit yet before you attempt to create an RSA in them.  Use the below filter to find these adgroups, then select them and use the above tool to create RSAs in them:

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