Adalysis uses AI to spell check the ad text in RSAs, Expanded DSAs, Call Only ads and Performance Max assets.

We support spell checking in most of the languages of the world.  The language is automatically detected by our spell checkers and hence you don't need to manually specify the language like in other spell checkers.

When a misspelling is detected you will see one of the following alerts in your dashboard:

Follow the instructions in the alert to correct the spelling automatically in all the ads with the issue, or 'ignore' that misspelling in case it was wrongly flagged.  

N.B. Due to the vast number of languages we support, our AI spell checkers can sometimes be too strict and flag some words as misspelled when they are not.  In addition, any brand names or abbreviations might also be flagged as misspelled as these words won't be within the dictionaries we use.    In these cases, simply use the 'ignore' option so that these words are never flagged again.