This campaign setting dictates whether your ad should be shown to:


1) only customers who are physically inside your target location, or 

2) Also to customers who are outside your target location but express an interest in your target location e.g. if Chicago is your target location and someone outside Chicago searches for your product using the search term keyword in Chicago 

Adalysis shows you the performance data (given directly by Google) for each one of those 2 groups.  It'll also automatically compare the Cost/conv of each group and alert you if there is a significant difference.


If Adalysis detects a significant difference in the CPA of these 2 groups of customers you will see an alert on the dashboard.  

Click on the View button to see the performance 

and decide if you want to exclude those who express an interest in your product. 

Adjusting the setting

By default, a 25% difference in the last 30 days will trigger an alert.   Adjust these settings as follows:

How to compare the performance

To view the performance of these 2 groups of people at any time, go to the Campaign settings screens as shown below