Tip:  if you need to create multiple ads to replace losers in a multi-adgroup pattern test, you can do so from within the multi-adgroup test itself.  

Note: This article explains how to create Expanded Search Ads (ETAs), Dynamic Search Ads, and Call-only ads in bulk. If you need to create Responsive Search Ads, see the detailed information here. 

Bulk Ad Creation

Creating ads in multiple adgroups

Adalysis provides a very flexible and powerful tool that allows you to create one or more ads in multiple adgroups.  Once the adgroups of choice are selected, you can see this tool as shown below:

Tip:  adgroup filters make it easy to search for and find a set of adgroup with a specific criteria. 

The bulk ad creation tool works as follows:

  • You specify the ad type of the new ad to be created.  One ad will be created in every selected adgroup.  If you want to create more than one new ad in every selected adgroups, use the +Add another option.
  • Provide either the full text of the new ads to be created or choose to copy parts of it from an existing ad of the same type within the adgroup. If an existing ad with the same type is not found, no new ad will be created.
  • Optionally, choose to automatically perform various actions on either the existing ads or the new ads once the new ads are created.

Creating ads by cloning or editing existing ones

If you want to create new ads by copying or editing existing ones, the tool to use is shown below:

Tip:  ad filters make it easy to search for and find a set of adgroup with a specific criteria. 

The way the tool works is as follows:

  • A new ad will be created for every selected existing ad.  
  • If you choose the Copy and Edit option, the original ad will be left untouched.  
  • If you choose the Edit option, the original ad will be deleted (Google Ads doesn't allow editing. The same principles are also applied to Bing Ads for consistency purposes).
  • You can either provide all the text of the new ad, or choose to copy part of it from the selected ad.