Budget boost alerts

Modified on Fri, 8 Mar at 11:53 AM

If you have campaigns losing impressions due to an insufficient budget, you’ll see an alert on the main accounts list screen as well as on the dashboard as shown below:

This alert is triggered when the metric Lost Impression Share (budget) is consistently high (a default of 10% is used).  This metric is used by Google to report on the percentage of lost impressions due to a limited budget.  Adalysis works out the actual performance volume based on the daily value of this metric and the relative traffic each day over the last 30 days.

Adalysis is able to work out the Lost  Impression Share budget metric for shared budgets (as it's not readily available in Google Ads).  Hence, you will also be alerted to shared budgets that are losing impressions!

You can change the Lost Impression Share (budget) value threshold used to trigger this alert in the alert settings:

Note:  this alert is different from Google's "Limited by budget" alert.  The Adalysis alert is based on actual performance data and hence is accurate.  Google's own alert is known to be significantly inaccurate.

Clicking on the alert icon/number will open additional details about the potential performance boost in the next 30 days should the budget be increased. You'll be able to see how much more you can get for various budget amount increases.

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