Adalysis vs Google Ads

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug, 2023 at 4:21 PM

Wondering what Adalysis offers on top of what the Google Ads interface already does?  

Below is some of what can be done with Adalysis that is not possible in the Google Ads interface (or Editor):

Automated auditing & alerting

  • 90+ (and growing!) already built-in and configurable alerts to highlight account setup issues and performance bottlenecks. 
  • Ability to define your own rules and conditions to be alerted to.
  • Ability to set automatic actions to be executed when alerts are triggered.
  • Notifications sent to Slack or email for your immediate attention.

Performance analysis and optimization

  • Visual comparison of performance changes built into various parts of the system to identify the root cause down to the keyword level.
  • RSA asset management taken to the next level with comprehensive ways of presenting and editing the asset data across multiple ads in the whole account (the only tool of its kind available today).
  • Flexible and powerful performance monitoring framework with built-in root cause analysis.
  • Quality score data extended at all levels with intuitive visual representation and the ability to zoom into problem areas.
  • Multiple world class search terms management tools that provide accurate analysis and full control over managing your data.
  • The world’s only fully automated A/B ad testing with capabilities to accurately test across various sets (the first and only such tool available today).
  • Clear visual views of all aspects of the campaign settings and how they affect performance.
  • Management of the Performance Max asset groups and assets made much easier.
  • Keyword structure and performance presented in ways to make it much easier to refine and improve their targeting.
  • Display placement management made much easier by aggregating the data at all levels to spot insights and trends.
  • Additional context and information readily available as well as audit warnings shown at multiple levels.
  • Power tools for easier management of segments, locations and landing pages. 

Transparent budget management

  • View all your budgets with much clearer views and data highlighting opportunities to reallocate your spend.
  • Utilize the significant value presented by some of the lesser known metrics within Google’s data set.
  • Define and monitor pacing at multiple levels.

Essential tracking data readily available

  • Assess the impact of a change in the bid, bid adjustment or even the campaign bidding strategy.  Adalysis not only tracks the exact date these changes are made, but it will also provide a performance comparison before vs after the change to allow you to see what impact your change had.  This makes bid management much easier and more transparent.
  • Ads management is also made much easier by tracking the exact date each ad was created or enabled.  This not only makes ad testing accurate but also provides a clear historical log of your ads' lifecycle.

Account setup and management tools 

  • Performance Analyzer: allows you to see the performance change in any set of campaigns across flexible date ranges. Zoom into the exact adgroup and/or keyword for multiple metrics to identify the root cause of the change.
  • Campaign builders: allow you to build campaigns from scratch either using data from a csv file or with a flat list of keywords and use our keyword grouper to construct the campaign.
  • Ads tools: provides various tools to manage the creation and maintenance of RSAs as well as Expanded DSAs and Call ads.
  • Keywords (and negative keywords) tools: we provide a number of tools that can help with moving keywords around adgroups, changing their match type or scalable management of your negative keywords.
  • Search terms tools: these tools make it easy to analyze and take action on your search terms data.

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