If you have capped budgets in one or multiple campaigns, you’ll be instantly notified on your Adalysis dashboard. 

By default, this alert is triggered when the Lost IS due to budget in your campaign exceeds 10% for 7 days in a row. However, you can change these criteria under the Audit Settings of your account, under the Budget section

In the alert, click on the underlined number of campaigns losing impressions to see the details regarding how many budgets are limited and what potential increase of clicks, impressions, and conversions increase you could expect if you increase the budgets.

Click on the View Performance Boost to play around with the performance boost chart to see how increasing your budgets by different amounts would impact your incremental impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

You can accept all the recommendations or you can change the values to the ones that better suit your needs. To push the changes to your Google Ads account, click the Apply Selected Budget Changes button. 

Tip: To quickly convert monthly or weekly budgets to daily, and vice versa, use Daily Budget Calculator.