Transparent and logical negative keywords organization is key to simplifying negative keyword management and avoiding potential mistakes leading to reduced impression share. 

As a rule of thumb, whenever there are negative keywords shared by multiple campaigns, it’s best to include these negative keywords in a single negative keyword list and apply the list to all affected campaigns.

Adalysis will help you identify these common negative keywords shared by multiple campaigns in a few clicks! 

1. Whenever we spot that negative keywords are in use in multiple campaigns, you’ll be alerted on your Adalysis dashboard (under Audit alerts / Negative keywords). Click on the alert to view the details. 

2. Click on the icon in the column Details of campaigns and common negative keywords to see all the campaigns sharing negative keywords and the list of shared negative keywords. 

3. To re-organize shared campaign-level negative keywords into a negative keyword list, select one of the two suggested options: create a new list or select one of the existing negative keyword lists. After the keywords have been added to the chosen list, the list will automatically be applied to the campaigns.