Managing RSA assets

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 04:35 PM

In the Google Ads interface, you can manage your RSA assets only at an ad level. 

In Adalysis, we offer a number of features that allow you to see aggregated data for your assets across all or selected campaigns and ad groups and manage them in bulk.

The RSA asset tool can be found under the Ads tab > Manage RSA Assets button (A). If you only want to see the assets of a particular campaign or ad group, you need to navigate to it first (B).


In the RSA asset management tool, you can:

  • Edit assets in bulk
  • Delete assets in bulk
  • Pin or unpin assets in bulk
  • View the aggregated performance of an asset across the whole account

Please note: if you want to add new assets, please check our new tool here

The RSA Asset tool allows you to perform the following actions in bulk:

  1. Select the assets and click the Delete Assets button to remove them from all ads they are currently used in. 
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the asset copy. This change will affect all ads where the asset is used. 
  3. If you want to see the ads / ad groups / campaigns where the asset is used, click on the respective values in the Ads, Adgroups, or Campaigns column. 
  4. The Impression Weighted Performance Label reflects an overall performance score for each asset. The score is based on the asset performance rating assigned by Google (Low, Good or Best) for each of the ads where the asset has appeared. An asset needs to have collected around 5000 impressions to get this score. The red score bar signals that the asset was rated as low-performing in more than 65% of all its impressions. The column is sortable so you can quickly spot assets requiring improvements and plan accordingly (by changing the copy or deleting the asset). 
  5. The Pinned column shows the number of ads where the asset is pinned. If the asset is not pinned in any of the ads it appears in, you can quickly pin it to all ads by using the pin icon next to the label “None”. By clicking on the number of ads where the asset is pinned, you will see all the ads and can:
  1. pin the assets to all ads where it currently isn’t pinned; 
  2. change the pinned position or unpin the asset from an individual ad. (Note: when you select to change the pinned position, you can also apply this change to all other ads where pinning is currently used, so that the asset is pinned to the same position across all ads.)

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