Allocated budgets are budgets that are defined in the campaign settings and, hence, affect how Google runs your campaigns.

Allocating a budget is done in Google at the campaign level (or shared budget) only.  If you want to allocate a budget to multiple campaigns, or the whole account, you will need to decide how to split it across the relevant campaigns (if not using a shared budget).  

Adalysis allows you to split the budget easily across the whole account, or a subset of campaigns, to maximize your chosen KPI.  Our algorithms can predict with great accuracy the impact of increasing or decreasing a campaign's budget on its future performance and, hence, can recommend a budget split to meet a monthly target spend.

Allocating a daily spend goal

To allocate a daily budget to a Google Ads account, use the below tool to edit the existing total daily budgets (defined in the campaign settings) and select a performance goal to achieve to determine how the budget will be split across the individual campaigns.

Allocating a monthly spend goal

To allocate a monthly budget to a Google Ads account, edit the monthly spend goal (shown below).

You will have the below options to choose from to decide how the monthly budget should be split