(Update 1) - Easily manage the budget alerts without switching screens

You can now see and handle the alerts directly from your account list screen without having to go into each account.

You will also be able to see the alert within each account as well as modify its settings.  For more information about these budget alerts please see this article.

(Update 2) - Budget screen split into two to accommodate more tools

The budget tools are split into 2 screens:

  • The screen on the left (see below) has tools for managing the budget allocated to the campaigns (or shared budgets) in the Google Ads settings.  For more details about these tools, please see this article.
  • The screen on the right has tools for pacing target budgets and actions triggered as a result.  The 'target' budget is defined in Adalysis only and provides pacing information without changing any of the allocated budgets.  This helps you monitor the budget performance without making any changes to the existing allocated budgets.  For more details about the pacing tools, please check this article.

(Update 3) - Ability to allocate a budget at the account level

You now have the ability to manage the budget at the account level without worrying about how to maximize the performance of each of the campaigns within.  For more information on these new tools please see this article.

(Update 4) -   Adalysis can now automatically manage your budget changes throughout the month

If you have a monthly spend goal you (or your customer) need to achieve, this feature is for you.  Adalysis can now automatically manage the budget allocation across all your campaigns to achieve the spend goal as well as a performance KPI goal!

(Update 5) -   Ability to create budget groups for better control on campaign subsets

Defining a budget group allows you to control the spend, pacing, targets, etc. for that subset of campaigns as well as automate the budget allocation at the budget group level. 

Coming soon.....

We have more features coming soon including the ability to create budgets with custom flight dates.