Automating budget allocation based on a spend goal

Modified on Fri, 8 Mar at 11:54 AM

If you have a monthly budget you'd like to stay within or reach, you traditionally needed to monitor the daily spend and adjust the allocated daily budget accordingly.  

Adalysis makes this process much easier by automatically adjusting the budgets daily to ensure the target is achieved.  It does this by daily assessing the performance of every campaign as well as the potential for a performance boost (as reported by the Lost Impression Share budget metric) before choosing the most appropriate split of the budget. A full log of changes is available which details how each campaign's budget was modified every day.

Adalysis is able to work out the Lost Impression Share budget metric for shared budgets (as it's not readily available in Google Ads).  Hence, shared budgets are fully supported within this automation and their daily budget will be adjusted accurately!

You have the option of automating the budget allocation at either the account level or for a specific set of campaigns/budgets (aka budget groups).  You can switch on this feature as shown below.

Please note the following compatibility issues when opting to automate the budget allocation:

1) Once this feature is enabled, budget changes will be performed automatically. Manual budget changes performed in Google Ads will result in this feature getting disabled.

2) The budget is allocated to active campaigns only. If campaigns get paused, the budget of the enabled ones will increase accordingly to maintain the total monthly goal. Likewise, enabling new campaigns will result in decreasing the budgets of the other enabled ones to maintain the same total budget.

3) The metric Lost IS budget is used to assess any potential performance boost.  Google, however, does not report this metric for Performance Max campaigns.  Hence, their budgets will be adjusted assuming no potential performance boost is available.

4) This feature is not compatible with budgets that involve switching experiments to campaigns during the month. If you run a campaign experiment, and need to switch it to a campaign, it's best to do this on the first or last day of the month to avoid skewing the spend figures

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