Landing pages analysis

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1. Landing Page Analysis

Adalysis analyzes all Ad Final URLs in active Ads and show you a breakdown of a number of parameters that can help you identify landing pages weaknesses requiring improvement. 

Adalysis does this analysis on only active Ads Final URLs that are used across at least 2 adgroups (keyword URLs are not included).

All analysis data can be found in the dedicated Landing Pages section of the tool:

The landing page analysis is done once a week.  The date it was last done is updated whenever the analysis is done.  In the above example, it was 02 October.

2. How to use the Analysis Data to Improve your Landing Pages

2.1 How to identify the issue

There are a number of insights that can be gained from this data.

The first step is to order the data by importance to allow you to focus on areas that will yield the biggest improvement.  The tabular data can be ordered in almost any column.  For example, you might want to focus on URLs that had the most clicks or are used across the most adgroups.

One of the easiest ways to identify the landing pages with poor experience is to consider the ratio of keywords with Above_Average vs Average vs Below_Average landing page experience quality score.  

The landing page experience quality score of a keyword is the quality score assigned by Google Ads to each keyword:

A good landing page will have the majority of traffic coming from keywords with Average or Above_Average landing page quality score. For example, this one:

whereas a landing page that receives traffic from a majority of Below_Average keywords might require further work. 

2.2 How to fix poor landing page experience issues

2.2.1 Examine the alignment of the keywords to the landing page

You can view the keywords that drive traffic to a landing page by clicking on the relevant link.  

This screen allows you to further zoom into areas of biggest gain by ordering the keywords data by any performance metric and examining the actual keywords together with their match types and individual quality scores.  

2.2.2 Examine the alignment of the Ads to the landing page

You can also view the Ads that drive traffic to the landing page (using the relevant View link) and examine their relevancy to the landing page to help identify any user expectation mismatch.

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