Adalysis has a powerful system of filters that can help you to slice and dice your data, always available under the Filters tab. For many filters, there is a default alert which will notify you on the dashboard whenever there are new instances that meet the criteria. This will help you instantly notice and fix errors or leverage an overlooked opportunity.

You can customize all the filters in Adalysis or build your own filters. 

Customizing filters 

To customize a filter, in any section of Adalysis, click on the Filter button. You will see the list of all default filters. Select the one you’d like to change and edit the criteria. After clicking the Save customized button, the filter will show the customization icon next to the name.  You can always revert back to the default settings by using the Reset to default button.

Building new filters 

You can easily create custom filters and alerts to specifically track important conditions that are exclusively relevant to your project. 

To create a filter and assign an alert to it, in the relevant section click on the Filters button. Above the list of built-in filters that by default trigger alerts to your dashboard once corresponding criteria are met, you can create your own custom filters by clicking the Create filter option.  Set the criteria, enter the name of the new filter, and click Save. If you want to get notified on your Dashboard whenever the filter spots new values, check the Enable future alerts

Your custom filters will appear at the bottom of the list of available filters.