Adalysis has 90+ alerts already built-in. The platform also allows you to create your own rules to monitor specific conditions as well as execute actions automatically when any of the alerts are triggered.  

The built-in recommendations are only a fraction of what Adalysis offers.  It also has a comprehensive suite of powerful tools that will give you insights, boost performance and save you hours every week on your account management.

When you first sign up you will most likely already have a lot of recommendations to fix issues in the account.  We recommend you give priority to the below 8 steps (in any order) as a minimum to get the most of what Adalysis can offer.  In addition to the first week plan presented below, there are also more tutorials on all the remaining Adalysis features. See below for details.

Your 7 steps plan for your first week using Adalysis

Below is an easy-to-follow plan that comes with short videos (1 minute each) to help you get started quickly:

1) Review and manage the dashboard alerts (view tutorial).

2) Set up your KPIs monitoring and identify the root cause of performance changes (view tutorial). 

3) Enable the automation settings to run on autopilot (view tutorial). 

4) Define your own set of rules and alerts and their automatic actions (view tutorial). 

5) Set a target budget to monitor the pacing (view tutorial). 

6) Review and manage your ad testing results (view tutorial). 

7) Set up reporting (view tutorial). 

Congratulations on your journey so far!  Adalysis has a lot more to offer than the above. Once you complete the above basic setup we recommend you check our next guide on how to utilize the many powerful tools in Adalysis to continue boosting your productivity and account performance.