In this guide you will find information about how to manage the following in Adalysis:

  1. Keyword quality score 
  2. Adgroup quality score
  3. Landing Pages quality score
  4. Quality score full analysis of an account
  5. Related articles

1. Keywords Quality Score Data

In addition to showing the keyword's main quality score, Adalysis also shows the 3 sub components scores:

You can sort by any of the quality score columns as well as use the filtering capability to zoom into keywords using any quality score criteria:


Tip: all quality score data and analysis is updated once a week within Adalysis.

2. Adgroup Quality Score Data

At the adgroup level, Adalysis shows the following 3 categories of quality score data:

1) An impression-weighed quality score for every adgroup using the 30 days keywords impression. Only enabled keywords in enabled adgroups are taken into account, hence producing the most accurate adgroup quality score. Ordering by impression-weighed quality score will help you quickly see which adgroups have the highest/lowest quality scores.  The adgroup quality score is a decimal value that ranges from 1.0 to 10.0.

2) To help you prioritize your efforts of improving the quality score, Adalysis also calculates a quality score priority for each adgroup. The priority number is calculated  based on a proprietary formula combining the adgroup's impression-weighed quality score and the cost data (30 days). This means the adgroups that spend more will have higher priority for improving the quality score than other adgroups.  The adgroup's quality score priority numbers start at 1 and go up to as many enabled adgroups you have.  The adgroup with priority 1 is in most need of quality score improvement (order of importance decreases as priority number goes up).

3) Additionally, to help you identify the exact nature of the quality score improvement needed at the adgroup level, an impression-weighed (IW) equivalent for each of the 3 quality score sub-factors is calculated.  

3. Campaign Quality Score Data

An impression-weighed quality score is calculated for each campaign. For accuracy purposes, all impression-weighed calculations take only enabled keywords (in enabled adgroups and campaigns) into consideration.

4. Account Quality Score Data

An impression-weighed quality score is also calculated at the account level and shown in the Dashboard. For accuracy purposes, all impression-weighed calculations take only enabled keywords (in enabled adgroups and campaigns) into consideration.

5. Landing Pages Quality Score Data

Adalysis does an in-depth analysis of the Landing Page Experience sub component of the quality score of each active keyword (enabled keyword in enabled adgroup/campaign).  

The Landing Page Analysis screen will display the following information:

1) A breakdown of how many keyword with Above_Avg/Avg/below_Avg landing page experience score drive traffic to each landing page in your account.  This breakdown reveals which landing pages need improvement. 

2) A breakdown of all keywords driving traffic to each landing page.  Seeing the keywords together with their match types and performance will help improve the traffic quality and better align user expectation which will subsequently improve the landing page experience score.


6. Full Quality Score Analysis

Adalysis provides a comprehensive analysis of the quality score value and its 3 sub-components in various dimensions.  All such data is shown in the Dashboard.

Selecting the Keyword count option will show 2 charts:

  • The first chart shows number of keywords for each quality score value.
  • The second chart shows the breakdown of the number of keywords with various score values for the 3 quality score sub-components.

Likewise, selecting any of the keywords performance metrics will also show 2 charts:

  • The top chart shows the number of clicks, impressions, etc. in last 30 days acquired by keywords with various quality scores.  
  • The lower chart shows a similar breakdown of the metric (clicks, impressions, etc.) acquired by keywords with various quality score sub-components values.


Selecting the Adgroups count will show the distribution of adgroups count vs the adgroup's impression-weighed quality score.

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