If you want to be notified about specific changes in your performance (e.g., increased spend, decreased conversions rate, etc.), you can do so by setting Performance Monitors

There are 2 ways how you can set up and manage your performance monitors. Either: 

  1. In the Performance Monitors column of Adalysis Account Overview or 
  2. On the Adalysis Dashboard, under the Performance monitoring tab.

You can select to either track a relative change in a metric or monitor when a metric hits a specific threshold.  You can also select to be notified by email whenever the performance monitor triggers an alert and apply the same performance monitor to your other PPC accounts linked to Adalysis. 

To give you some initial ideas, we have prepared a few pre-defined monitors - for example, you may want to monitor a condition when the daily spend drops to 0 (which can indicate billing problems) or big drops in conversions or revenue. To use the predefined monitors, click on the Copy button to copy the monitor settings.  

Whenever the condition is met, you will get an alert in the column Performance alerts of Adalysis Account Overview and under the Performance monitoring tab on the Adalysis dashboard. 

Adalysis Dashboard: 

Adalysis Account Overview: