Although there are more than 40 default alerts available in Adalysis, there might be times when you want to create your own set of conditions to monitor. For example, you may want to create a custom alert that will notify you about all the keywords with CPC or CPA above your target value or adgroups with significantly higher ROAS than other adgroups in the campaign.

You can create custom alerts for any metric as follows:

  1. Choose the section where you want to trigger your custom alert (e.g., you can set alerts at the campaign level in the Campaigns section, at the search term level in the Keywords --> Search terms section, etc.)
  2. In the Filters menu, click on Create filter...
  3. Define the filter using your own criteria.
  4. Choose to receive automatic notifications from this filter. This will make the tool run automatically every time the data is synchronized. Alerts will be shown on the dashboard's Your Custom Alert section. 
  5. Name the filter.
  6. Save the filter.  

You will now be notified in the dashboard every time the data updates and there are new occurrences meeting your custom criteria. 

Note, that you can see all your custom filters on your Dashboard, including those that haven't found new matched results. From here you can access the filter settings and adjust them if needed. 


If you want to learn more about how the alerts system in Adalysis works and how you can customize our default filters as well, please see the article here