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Viewing keyword bid suggestions

If your campaign(s) have manual CPC as a bidding strategy, Adalysis performs regular checks of whether you could benefit from increasing/decreasing your bids.

Whenever Adalysis spots an opportunity, you will be notified on your dashboard (Audit Alerts / Big Suggestions). 

Clicking on the notification, you’ll see the suggested bids along with performance data that was used to make calculations. Select all or some of the suggestions and push the changes to your Google Ads account by hitting Apply bid suggestions

Changing bid suggestion settings 

To compute the best bids, Adalysis takes into account multiple signals for each keyword, such as Quality Score, lost search Impression share due to rank, Google estimates for specific positions, search volume, as well as performance history based on the goal you want to achieve. 

By default, all computations are made with the goal of increasing conversions (if you are not tracking conversions in your account, your default bidding strategy will be to increase clicks). You can change the goal along with other default parameters in the Bid suggestion settings at the top of the screen with the bid suggestions. 

Here is an overview of how you can customize calculations. 

  1. Select the goal you want to achieve - increase clicks or conversions, or achieve a specific CPA or ROAS (for the latter two, you will be requested to provide a target value). 
  2. Set minimum and maximum bid limits, either as a numerical value or using Google estimations for First page bid, Top of page bid, and First position bid. 
  3. Select the date range that should be analyzed for computing new bids.
  4. Set the minimum threshold of impressions, clicks, or conversions that needs to be achieved before a new bid is calculated (within the period you specified at the previous step).
  5. To avoid bidding on the same keywords too frequently, set the minimum time range that should be kept between updating the bids of individual keywords.  Adalysis remembers the date each keyword bid was last changed (either within Adalysis or within Google Ads interface).  
  6. Select how aggressive or cautious you want to be with your bidding.

Once you hit the Recalculate suggested bids button, the recommended bids will be recalculated based on the new settings. 

Saving customized settings

If you want to keep your new settings instead of the default ones, click on the Save customized button. If you ever want to reset the settings back to the default, use the Reset default button.