In the Google Ads interface, getting a clear overview of how different locations perform across a range of campaigns is no easy feat, as you can only aggregate data at the account level or view it at an individual campaign.

Adalysis offers an easier way of targeting and excluding locations based on their aggregated performance in a highly visual interactive Geo Heatmap which you will find under the Bid adjustments → Locations → Matched locations section.  

Using the Map

To plot the data on the map, select a campaign or a group of campaigns based on their type, name, or label, and indicate a date range and a dimension of how you want to see your data (e.g., by country, city, etc.). 

Once the map is shown, you can view a heatmap of various different metrics (clicks, conversions, impressions, etc.).  Data is represented with either bubble (size of the bubble reflects magnitude) or color (color density reflects magnitude). 

Using the Grid

In the grid under the Geo Heatmap, you will be able to see the breakdown for each of the locations to quickly compare performance for all campaigns running in the corresponding location. From here, you can exclude or target locations based on their performance with just one click. 

Please note: once the location is added as targeted, you can change its bid adjustments in the Bid adjustments → Locations → Targeted locations section.