Bid suggestions for product groups

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 07:37 PM

If any of your Shopping campaigns use a manual CPC strategy for bidding, Adalysis will check once a day if you could benefit from changing your bids. 

Whenever an opportunity is spotted, you will be notified on the dashboard. Clicking on the alert, you will see detailed data for the relevant product groups along with recommendations to increase or decrease bids. If you are happy with the recommendations, select product groups and hit the button Apply bid recommendations

By default, our algorithms take into account a variety of signals to deduce the best bids for your product groups, such as search impression share, search volume, benchmark CPC etc. The default approach to calculating bids is optimized towards the goal of increasing overall profit from your account. However, you can easily change the goal, as well as the criteria for product groups to be considered for changing bids. 

You can change the bid calculation settings in 2 ways:

1. Once you receive the alert, you can click on the link Bid suggestion settings

2. In the Audit Settings at the top right corner of your Adalysis account, you can find the Product group bid suggestions inside the Bidding tab.

Here is an overview of how you can customize calculations. 

  1. Select the goal you want to achieve - increase conversions, conversion value, profit or ROAS. 
  2. Set maximum bid limits, either as a percentage of the current bid or an absolute value. 
  3. Select the date range that should be analyzed for computing new bids.
  4. Set the minimum threshold of impressions, clicks, or conversions that needs to be achieved before a new bid is calculated (within the period you specified at the previous step).
  5. To avoid bidding on the same product groups too frequently, set the minimum time range that should be kept between updating the bids of individual groups.  
  6. Select how aggressive or cautious you want to be with your bidding.

You can always go back to the default settings by clicking the Reset to default button in Audit Settings →  Bidding → Product group bid suggestions.

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