If you have a specific budget in mind that you don't want to exceed in a given month, you can set a target budget and receive an alert when your spending is approaching that amount. You can also set a rule for pausing your campaigns automatically.

To control the configuration of your target budget, go to the Budget Management section of your Adalysis account. You can set the target budget at the account level or the campaign level, selecting one or multiple campaigns you want to track budgets for.

To set your target monthly budget for the entire account, follow these steps:

1. Enter the amount of your target monthly budget. The budget pacing bar on the right side will instantly show you how your current spending compares to your target budget and how much you are overspending or underspending.

2. Optionally, define an alert to notify you whenever a specific threshold (such as 80%, 90%, etc.) of your target budget has been reached. In the Target Monthly Budget Alert and Actions section, choose whether you want to pause your campaigns when your entire target budget has been spent and/or enable them back on the 1st date of the following month.

3. Optionally, you can set the target budget, alerts, and pausing commands for an individual campaign or set of campaigns. Click the "Add Campaign Target Budget" button, and in the dialogue window, select the type of campaigns or filter necessary campaigns using the name or label.

Once your target budget is configured, you'll start seeing pacing data on your dashboard. The color of the bar will indicate your pacing: 

  • Blue implies underspending, 
  • Red implies overspending, 
  • Green implies spending within +/-10% of the target.

If you have set a campaign-level target budget, you will see how many of the campaigns or groups of campaigns you defined are overspending (a number in a red circle) or underspending (a number in a blue circle). By clicking any of these elements, you can see more details about your budget spending.