The relevance of Performance Max search terms

Inspecting your Performance Max search terms regularly can help with optimizing your search campaigns as follows:

1) Provide ideas for new keywords that don't yet exist in your search campaigns.

2) Provide ideas for new negative keywords from search terms that are under-performing. 

3) Identify search terms that already exist as keywords in search campaigns and hence get an indication of how much of your search traffic is being cannibalized by the Performance Max campaigns.

To efficiently do the above, the account manager needs an easy and scalable way to compare the Performance Max search terms against the search keywords. In addition to having no easy way to do this comparison, the issue is exacerbated by the fact that the Performance Max search terms are not easily accessible within the Google Ads interface (and can be downloaded at the campaign level only).  

How Adalysis can help

Adalysis has now simplified this whole process by downloading all the search terms and analyzing them against the search campaigns automatically.  Adalysis will analyze your Performance Max search terms at the beginning of every month (for search terms of last month) and alert you to any search terms that:

  • already exist as search keywords and, hence, cannibalize your search campaign traffic.
  • are performing well and, hence, can be added as search keywords.
  • are not performing well and, hence, should be added as negative keywords.

The search terms are downloaded once a month (for the last calendar month).  Once the data is analyzed, you will see one or more alerts in your dashboard notifying you about the opportunities mentioned above.

As with any other alert in Adalysis, you can customize the alert settings to suit your account’s goals.

Only the last month's search terms are downloaded (as opposed to longer date ranges) since the Performance Max search terms can’t be optimized for within the PMax campaigns themselves.  Hence, a full month's data provides all the insights needed to utilize the above opportunities. 

Where can I find this feature?

The search terms will be shown on a new screen as illustrated below.

The alerts will be shown automatically on the dashboard and can be customized through the Audit settings as shown below.

How should I handle the alerts

Search terms that already exist as search keywords

Search terms that don't exist as search keywords and can be added as regular or negative keywords