Broken URLs

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 10:31 AM

Adalysis automatically monitors all your Final URLs (Ad Final, Mobile Final, Keyword Final, and Ad Extensions URLs) and alerts you when it detects any downtime issues.  It will ping all URLs once a week and display a dashboard warning if any are found (see the alert under the Audit Alerts / Landing Pages). 

Step 1

Clicking on the above warning will show you the list of all the broken URLs. 

Step 2

You can check the current status of the reported pages to confirm if they are indeed still unreachable:

Step 3

You can view the ads, ad extensions, or keywords that currently use the reported broken URL along with associated costs in the last 90 days. 

By clicking on any value in the column URL used by, you will be taken to the view with the filtered ads, ad extensions, or keywords using this URL.

More details on how to fix broken URLs in bulk: 

Fixing broken URLs in bulk in keywords

If in the filtered view you see that multiple keywords use a broken URL, you can fix all these keywords at once. Select the keywords and use the Edit URL tool under the Tools tab. You will now be able to define the correct URL for the selected keywords. 

Fixing broken URLs in ad extensions 

To see the workflow for fixing broken URLs in ad extensions, please see the video

Step 4

Once you fix the broken URL or correct the ad/keyword/ad extension that uses it, you can remove it from the alert by clicking on the Dismiss icon. 

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