Keywords below the recommended bid

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 07:36 PM

Viewing bid suggestions 

Keywords with a bid lower than the minimum required for showing either on the first page, top of the page, or top position will not get as many impressions.  Adalysis will alert you to such keywords on the dashboard (Audit Alerts / Bid Suggestions):

Clicking on the above alert will take you to the list of identified keywords below the threshold along with the new suggested bids. Select all keywords or filter the ones you want to make changes to and hit the Apply bid change button.

Adjusting suggested bids 

By default, suggested bid changes will be calculated to exactly match the current first-page bid (or top of the page, or first position bid) for selected keywords. However, you may want to increase/decrease the bids in bulk to be X% higher or lower than the first-page bid (1).  Optionally, you may want to set a max limit for your new bids (2).

After you change the above settings, click on the Recalculate bids button to update the new bids suggestion list. To push the new bids to your Google Ads account, click Apply bid change.

Please note: the tool calculates bid suggestions for all keywords, regardless of whether they are below the first-page bid (or top of the page, or first position bid) or above it, as the main goal of the tool is to adjust all the bids to the chosen threshold. By switching the toggle, you can exclude keywords that are already above the threshold (3).  

Changing bids in bulk

You can access the same tool in the Keywords section under the Change bid... menu.  Select the keywords you want to make changes to and choose one of the 3 options to access the same settings for changing bids as described above (Set bid to First page bid, Set bid to Top of page bid, or Set bid to First position bid). 

Alternatively, by choosing Change bid... in this menu, you can choose to change bids irrespectively of the first page, top of the page, or top position thresholds, and instead set your own fixed value, increase or decrease the bids in bulk by a specific amount or percentage. 

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