Analyzing your PPC performance you may find that some keywords have low Ad Relevance, which negatively affects your Quality Score and leads to higher CPCs. The logical next step would be moving the keywords to another adgroup so that the ads would be tighter related to the keywords. It could be one of the existing adgroups in the same or different campaign or a new adgroup that you should create from scratch. 

However, shifting keywords between adgroups in the Google Ads interface is not very easy and fast: you will need to do quite a lot of copy-pasting and then come back and disable unnecessary elements. If you want to create a bunch of SKAGs (Single Keyword Adgroups) for your selected keywords, you will have to create each adgroup one by one.

Adalysis simplifies this whole process to a few clicks - you can create as many SKAGs as you want in bulk, or move keywords to existing adgroups of your choice. 

  1. In the Keywords section, choose the keywords you want to move (you can use built-in filters to quickly identify them, for example, only select keywords with Poor Ad Relevance). 
  2. Click on the Move / Copy button and choose if you want to move the keywords to an existing or a new adgroup. 
  3. Specify the new location of the keywords by selecting a campaign or adgroup they have to be moved to. If you choose to make a new adgroup, select the campaign and edit the name for the new adgroup (by default it will be named SKAG). 
  4. Set the keyword bid that should be applied to it after moving to the new location.
  5. Choose the match type for the new keyword.
  6. Choose what to do with the keyword in the current adgroup, after you complete shifting.

If you choose to move the keywords to a new adgroup, the new adgroup will be created using the ads from the original adgroup where the keyword is currently active. You can change the ad text to make the ads more relevant to the keyword and/or add more ad copy versions. 

The above offers an easy and fast way to create SKAGs in bulk!