Managing bid adjustments

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 04:33 PM

See the overview of current bid adjustments and spot issues 

The Bid Adjustments Map will show you the overview of your current bidding strategies, as well as campaign bid adjustments and if and what bid adjustments are set at the adgroup level. You can change all the bid adjustments right here or remove them entirely if they are not compatible with your bidding strategy, which you will be notified about with a red alert icon. Read more… 

See your account performance broken down by segments

Switch between tabs in the Bid Adjustments section to see your account performance broken down by location, device, age, gender, parental status, or audience. By default, you can see the data by campaign or adgroup. 

However, if you want to combine the data across multiple campaigns at once, you can do so by viewing the aggregated data. For example, if you don’t want to analyze age patterns in each campaign individually, but rather want to see your entire account performance split by age, it will come very useful. 

To view aggregated data, click on the Aggregate data button, and choose the campaigns you want to see the data for.   

Set bid adjustments and track how they impacted your performance

After you edit your bid adjustments (or apply them for the first time), in the column Last bid adj. change you can see:

  1. When the bid adjustments were last changed;
  2. What the previous value of the bid adjustment was before the changes were made and how the bid adjustment impacted your performance.

Use the automated bid adjustment recommendation tool

Use our machine learning algorithms to set the right bid adjustments! In each subsection of the Bid Adjustments section click on the View recommended bid adjustments button to instantly calculate optimum bid adjustments for each of your segments. Read more… 

Schedule ads based on the best performing days and hours of the week  

Under the Ad Schedule tab, you will see current Ad Schedule information along with the bid adjustments and the impact your bid adjustments have had on your performance. Based on these insights, you can create an ad schedule to benefit from only showing your ads at the right time. Read more...

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