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Viewing bid adjustment suggestions 

Whenever our algorithms spot the opportunity for more effective bidding in some of your campaigns, you will be notified of recommended bid adjustments on your Adalysis dashboard (under Audit Alerts / Bid Suggestions). Click on the alert to see the recommendations and apply them with a single click. 

Customizing bid adjustment suggestions settings 

You can customize the way the recommendations work to provide the best value for your particular situation by clicking on Bid adjustment suggestion settings above the results.

  1. Select the goal you want to achieve - increase clicks or conversions, or achieve a specific CPA or ROAS (for the latter two, you will be requested to provide a target value).  By default, if conversion tracking in your account is enabled, the goal from bid changes will be set to Increase conversions. 
  2. If you want to limit your bid adjustments in order not to set too extreme values, you can specify it here by configuring maximum increase and decrease of bid adjustments.
  3. Set the minimum threshold of impressions, clicks, or conversions that needs to be achieved in the last 30 days to ensure you only update bid adjustments when there is enough data to make the decision. 
  4. To avoid changing bids for the same segments too frequently, set the minimum time range that should be maintained between updating bid adjustments. Adalysis remembers the date each bid adjustment was last changed (either within Adalysis itself or within Google Ads interface).   
  5. In addition, you can define how aggressive you want to be with your new bid adjustments.

You can play around with the approaches and settings to see the difference, using the Recalculate suggested bid adjustments button each time you change the settings. Once you are happy with the results, select the relevant rows and click on the Apply bid adjustments button. 

Saving customized settings 

If you want the same settings to be applied in all future alerts, save it by clicking Save as customized (you can always revert back to default settings by using the Reset to default button). 

Note: customized settings will only be applied to the bid adjustments type you are currently working on (e.g., only age or only location).  You have to repeat the process for all the relevant alerts on the dashboard to change the settings in each of them individually. 

Bid adjustments overview in Adalysis

You can access the same tool in the Bid Adjustments section and choose the relevant type of bid adjustments you want to work with - age, gender, location, etc. Clicking on the View recommended bid adjustments, you will see the same settings as described above.