If for any reason you decide not to apply a recommendation, or you fix the reported issue outside the Dashboard, e.g. in your Google Ads account, you can snooze the alert so it doesn’t show up as an unresolved issue on your Dashboard and doesn't negatively impact your account Audit score. 

There are 3 snoozing options. 

  • Snooze until next update: if you choose this option, the alert will disappear until the next time this audit check is performed in your account. 
  • Snooze until... : choose this option if you know that an issue will be resolved over a longer period of time and you know the date when you want to check it again.
  • Disable: this will deactivate an alert forever.  You can re-enable it anytime. 

All your snoozed alerts will be listed under the Snoozed alerts section at the very bottom of the Dashboard so that you can un-snooze them whenever you want. After un-snoozing, the alert will run the next time the regular audit is performed.