Adalysis will notify you of keywords with a lower cost per conversion compared to their ad group, which may be of interest to you for maximizing their performance. This information will be displayed on your Dashboard, where you can view the cost per conversion for the relevant keywords compared to their respective ad groups, as well as their impression share.

To provide you with accurate results, this alert only includes keywords whose bidding has not been changed during the analyzed time frame. By default, you will be alerted of keywords with a cost per conversion that is half of their ad group average and have an impression share below 70%. These conditions can be adjusted in your Adalysis account's Audit Settings, and you can also set custom conversion thresholds for triggering the alert.

In the alert settings, you can choose to track results based on your conversions or all conversions (i.e. Cost/conv. or all Cost/all conv.). 

After reviewing the keywords in question, you may opt to increase bids for keywords in campaigns with a manual bidding strategy to boost their impression share and conversions or move top-performing keywords to their own ad groups or campaigns for better budget control.